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Choosing a search engine optimization company

In Webmaster Resources | on Jul. 05, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

If you have spent time implementing search engine optimization and have had less than desirable results, it might be best consider hiring an SEO company to work for you. With many SEO companies in existence, you will have a nice choice although there are less than honest companies that put false advertisement.

While there are many unreliable companies, the risk of using one is drastically reduced if proper research is done. It is an advantage to have some substantial knowledge of search engine optimization to put you in a better position to know if the company’s promises are reasonable. These are the few things to look out for.

• Promises of #1 rank: If a company promises you a #1 spot on search engine results, you should doubt their competence and ability to deliver on the promise because no one can guarantee a particular rank position due to a constantly changing unreleased algorithm.
• Recommendations: Word of mouth is crucial for the credibility of a company.
• Forums: There are many Web master forums, where you can ask for peoples advise and opinions on different companies. Keep in mind that not all people will be honest and discretion will have to be used.
• Google the name:Searching the company name on google will provide you with excellent reviews. If no negative information is found, the company is probably reputable.
• Ask for examples:Ask the company for references to previous clients so you can get in touch with them and get their opinions on the company. Ask for a list of sites they have optimized.
• Check their PR site: If their site is not optimized enough to have a good rank then they are not worth using.
• Automated submissions: If you use automated submission, you should beware that automated submissions can make your content banned from search engines.
• Get some personal impressions, if possible: Gut instinct and impressions from meetings are also a way to judge a company, though sometimes it is not difficult to get mislead, so use this approach with caution.
• High price and high quality. Paying more for a company does not mean you will get high quality. Many factors go into the pricing such as the efficiency of the firm, and its client base.
• Cheap:A cheap search engine optimization company is a bad one. A real SEO company will offer a substantial fee.
• Use tricky questions:Ask many questions to make sure that you understand how the company intends to help. Do not pose straightforward answers as these can easily be answered deceptively. Ask them how they intend to submit backlinks. If the word automated or automatic is used at any time, do not use them
• Do they offer subscription services: SEO is a constant process and if you want to rank well and keep on like that, efforts are necessary all the time? Because of this, it is better for you to select a company that offers after optimization maintenance services.
This is better than getting a company that makes your site rank high only to leave you to do something you may not be aware of.

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