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How to launch a successful high traffic blog

In Web Development | on Apr. 09, 2011 | by editor | 0 Comments

The powerful and influential role played by blogs in marketing cannot be underestimated especially in the contemporary world where the use of internet and online businesses has increased enormously. Some people go as far as regarding it as one of the most influential marketing tools in existence. How successful is blogging in online marketing: you may ask. Actually, launching and maintaining a successful blog may not be the piece of cake you think it is. If it were, we would not be having a case scenario where about 40,000 blogs are created everyday yet the successful ones are countable. Indeed, possessing the skills to launch and maintain a successful blog could the most powerful marketing tool you have. This text offers you tips on how to launch a successful blog.

The first thing you need to do before launching your blog is find a niche. Originally, marketers used the tactic of starting a general blog and then narrowing it down to a particular subject based on the audience’s reception. That technique worked during the time when there were not so many blogs on the internet. With millions of blogs available in the internet and competing for the same clients nowadays, the jack of all trades and master of none technique may not work when you are starting your blog. You will need to find a niche based on a single keyword and concentrate on it. After all, clients have also become more specific especially with the invention of the search engines.

The second thing you need to do is to strategize on methods of getting and building traffic. It has been a common practice in the world of offline business for a marketer to launch a product before looking for customers and then worrying over how to get customers. The same practice is reflected in the online world where so many webmasters launch websites before coming up with ways of getting and building traffic. Before you announce your blog to the whole world, make sure you have in place mechanisms for getting traffic before your audience knows where to find you. Avoid niches with well paying keywords but difficulties in getting clients.

Articles are an excellent way of ensuring the success of your blog. Promotional articles will bring in targeted traffic and at the same time, they will help you gauge the reception of your ideas on your client’s side. They will also help you determine which areas of your blog interest your audience the most, something that is hard to do in the case of general traffic from search engines. Another helpful measure is to keep track of your stats. You can utilize the numerous stat counters available online for free to do this. Site stats will help you gauge the success of your site and identify the area from which the large portion of your audience comes from so as to maximize on these areas. Basically, stats will tell you which areas of your effort are yielding results and which ones are not to avoid wasting time on them.

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